Kingdoms of life


Kingdoms of life


Kingdom: is a group of organisms with a special approach of life.
– Each kingdom includes many phyla (singular phylum)
   Phylum : It is a group of living organisms with common body plan.


– What are the 4 kingdoms of life?
           1. Protists:  they are single-celled organisms.
     There are different types of protists :
  • Animal-like protists such as Amoeba


  • In-between protists such as Euglena
  • Plant-like protists such as Pleurococcus
     2. Plants: they are multicellular organisms.
  • They don’t need to move because they can make their own food.
  •  They contain chlorophyll that makes photosynthesis happens.
      3. Animals: they are multicellular organisms.
  •  The have nerves, senses and muscles to be able to move to find food because they   cant make their own food.
       4. Fungi: they are generally made of threads without proper cells.
  •  They dissolve their food outside them and then absorb the juice.
       5. Monera


Answers to pupils book questions:


Q1. In your own words say what a kingdom is?
A major way of life
Q2. List the most important features of of each of the four main kingdoms. Explain
        why they are the most important?
    – protists– single celled – have to cope with everthing using only one cell.
   – plants – green(chlorophyll)- enables them to make their own food.
   – animals – nerves and muscles- enables them to move about to get food or escape.
   – Fungi – saprophytism (eating food externally)- enables them to live almost anywhere and on
     anything(alive or dead).
    Q3. Sponges are organisms which only have two sorts of cell.
  • They are often put in a kingdom on their own. If not they are usually put as a sub-kingdom of animals because they have animal-like cells and an animal-like However, they don’t have nerves, muscles, or proper tissues and organs.



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