Plant body plans

Plant body plans

IT Plant body plans

Plant body plans

Within the plant kingdom are the following groups(phyla) which have common body plans:
Plant phyla :

1. Algae:
- They are plants like seaweeds.

- seaweeds are made from a sheet of similar cells (fronds).
- Multicellular organisms.

- They have hardly(no) any organs.

- Reproduce by spores.

- Evolved from protists.
– Example Sea lettuce

2. Mosses:
- Non-vascular plants= no vascular tissues for transportation = move minerals from one cell
  to the next.
- The first plants have grown on land.

- Have leaves one cell thick.

- Their stem is simple.

- They need to live in damp conditions 
  (bec, they need  dampness      greatly 
  to grow ( no transport system).

- Reproduce by spores.
- They have rootlet (few cells) to keep  
  the plant in the soil.

- They are the first plants with a main transport system.

- Contains phloem and xylem cells.

- They have proper root, stem and leaves.

- Can live in dry as well as damp conditions.

- Reproduce by spores .
Example: bracken fern

4. Seed plants:  
Vascular plants = having vessels which carry water, nutrients and food.

            Phloem=  The vessel that transports food.

            Xylem =  Transports water

- They reproduce by seeds.

- There are two groups of seed plants:

A.Gymnosperms(naked seeds):
- Like conifers.
Conifers trees
- Don’t produce flowers.

- Seeds exist in cones.

- Their seeds aren’t protected by an ovule.

B. Flowering plants(covered seeds)
- They produce flowers.

- Seeds are protected by an ovule during development.
Flowering plants
- Many seed plants are woody and grow into:

a. Bushes

b. Tall trees

c. Herbs


                 Family tree of plant evolution

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Plant body plans

IPlant body plans  Lesson

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